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Here are some e-mails from enthousiastic clients that we have received before:

Thanks for the labels, they are fabulous! I already used half my pack of name stickers and will start ironing tonight. Great service and an easy site to use!

Can you please send me some brochures? I would like to tell other mum’s in school about your great product!

They stay on! I have been using your name stickers for 4 months now and contrary to other labels we have used before, your labels stay put on my kids lunchboxes! Compliments!

Your iron on labels are brilliant! I gave some clothes of my son to his nephew and was curious if they would come off. They had been on there for a while, but they did stay on! Now my sister is ordering your iron on labels as well, since they do what you promise!

Great labels, easy ordering, keep it up! I will send your site to my friends!

Quick service, wow, the labels are already in !

Very handy, at camp the students knew exactly what to take (their own)

Last summer, my son lost his favourite stuffed toy and was heartbroken. Guess what, after a day we received a phone call.., thanks to your labels, it was found and returned!!!

I received my neatly-named labels a few days ago and think your service is very good. You kept me up to date by sending emails and the labels are of outstanding quality. I forwarded your site to my acquaintances and friends….. And, if I need labels again in the future I will not hesitate to order from you again.

We just got back from a ski holiday. We put neatly-named labels on our skis and they are still on, they didn’t bubble or come off. This was a good test and we are now confident that they will stay put on other items as well!

Your labels are of good use. My son of 3 years loves his little knight; my other son is 5 weeks so he doesn’t recognize them yet. It really is a great solution, too bad I didn’t know they existed before!

Good afternoon’! After ordering labels with you, I received them quickly and correctly. I am really enthusiastic about your product. A great experience that buying through the internet goes smoothly and correctly!

Tip of a mum: Yesterday we had the Birthday party of our son and we stuck a name sticker of TagME to children’s shirts. On the label were my mobile number and the name of my son. It worked great, when one of the kids got lost, I got called!

Our DIY labels were a great success! We stuck them to postcards and send them off with our new address. People liked our original cards!

Your labels paid off already. The clothing which got lost and then was returned to us is worth a lot more, which justifies buying your labels!

All the teachers of Little Sunshine School say: thanks neatly-named!

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