Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TagMe understands that personal information is important to you and that it must be handled in a correct manner. On this page, we try to explain in a clear and transparent manner which data is stored correctly and why and in which ways we use this data.

Is something on this page not clear, or do you miss certain information? Please contact our customer service!

Which data do we store?

In order to make your experiences with as good as possible, we store certain personal details of our customers. This happens, for example, for a smooth shipment process or for informing our customers about new products or offers. stores the following data: first name, last name and gender, contact details (telephone number and e-mail address) and order details. When placing an order we also ask for information that is not mandatory to fill in (gift text and name and date of birth of the child). This information will therefore only be saved if it has been filled in. Below we have described for you which personal data we use in which way.

What do we use your data for?

Delivery of the order

In order to ensure that the order is delivered on time and at the right address, we need the address and name. We use the email address and telephone number to contact you to provide information about your order and shipment. The order data is used to deliver the right products and the payment details are used to check whether the payment has arrived.

Customer service

Our customer service is always there for you. To ensure that you are well helped our customer service uses your personal information (name, address, order and payment details and contact details). This way we can serve you the best.

Account information

At it is possible to create a personal account. In the 'my account environment' the name, address details, contact details, order history, (if filled in) name and date of birth of your child (ren) are stored. If you place a new order with us, the data will be entered automatically. In your account, you can easily view, modify and delete all information yourself. At it is also possible to place an order without creating an account.


Through our newsletter, you receive interesting information about parenthood, tips about our products, personalized offers, and promotions. You can sign up for the newsletters of If we send out the newsletter we take into account which preferences you have. In these personalized newsletters we use your name, gender, order history and the details of your child(ren). Do you want to stop receiving newsletters from No problem, you can easily unsubscribe or adjust your preferences.

Improvement of the website

We continue to work on improvements to our website. To find out what needs to be improved, we use data about customer behavior on our website. For example, by registering unique visitors, we can see which pages are often used or how long a particular page is visited. By using this information we can improve our website so that its performance is even better!  

Check, change or delete data

Do you want to change or view your personal data? That is possible. Log in to your own account and change or delete the data that is no longer correct. Are you unable to do this yourself, or do you not have an account with Then you can also contact our customer service via email, telephone on mail. Please note that data used for the invoicing of orders can no longer be changed, as we are legally obliged to store this data.

Third parties

We pass on the information you provide to third parties if this is necessary for the delivery of the products ordered by you. For example, we use a third party for the processing of our payment traffic (Docdata) and for sending our newsletters we use the e-mail program Web power. When we provide your data to a third party, we will ensure by means of an agreement that your data will not be used for other purposes. We also agree that these will be removed when they are no longer needed. We work together with various parties that analyze the behavior of our visitors. This is collected by means of cookies, which are described later in this document. Furthermore, we will not provide the information you provide to other parties unless this is legally required or permitted.

Use of cookies uses different cookies. Some of these cookies are necessary to offer a good working website, a number of other cookies are used to analyze our website and customer behavior. In the overview below we give a short explanation for each type of cookie that is used on our website.

Which cookies do we use?

Different types of cookies are used on our site. In the explanation below we indicate which type of cookies are used.

Functional cookies: our website uses a number of cookies that are necessary for our website to work.

  • GoedgemerktSession: This is a cookie that allows the contents of your shopping cart to be saved and with which we keep track of whether you are logged in. This cookie is only used when you log in or add something to your shopping cart. This cookie is stored for a maximum of +1 days.
  • Goedgemerkt: "This is a cookie in which we keep track of which country you are coming from and what currency you are paying in. These are kept so that we can show you the correct prices and shipping costs.
  • Cookie notification cookie: We use this cookie to know if you have closed the cookie notification or not.


Analyzing & Marketing cookies: we think it is important that our customers have a good experience on our website. That is why we try to adapt to the website and our advertisements and promotions based on the preferences of our customers. With analytical and marketing cookies we collect data about which pages are often viewed on our website. We use the following cookies:

  • Facebook: This cookie sees which pages have been visited. We use this information to determine which ads and messages we post on our Facebook page.
  • Google: Google's cookies can be used to view which pages are viewed on We use this information to make personal offers and to improve our website
  • Bing: The Bing cookie measures the result of our Bing campaigns. We use this information to optimize our Bing advertisements.
  • Webpower: With this cookie, we can see which pages have been viewed. We use this information to make personalized newsletters with interesting and fun information.
  • Double Click: This cookie analyzes which pages are viewed. With this information, we can show relevant advertisements and see which advertisements you have seen.
  • Daisycon: We use Daisycon's services to perform performance-based advertising. This means that if our partners refer a customer to, they will receive compensation for this. Daisycon stores some anonymous data for this, and so-called affiliate cookies are used. The use of affiliate cookies and the storage of anonymous data does not endanger the privacy of the visitor of this website. To support this process, it may be that we pass anonymous data about transactions on our website to the Daisycon system. This transaction data remains in our possession and will not be used by third parties. A processor agreement with Daisycon has been concluded for the storage and processing of this transaction data.
  • Datatrics: We register the ID and behavior of the visitors on our website with the aim of personalizing the content on


Delete and manage cookies

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can easily adjust the internet preferences in the browser you are working with. If you do this, you will be asked whether you want to accept their cookies or not per website that is visited.


It is also possible to change your internet preferences so that cookies are no longer accepted for certain websites.


Is something on this page not clear, or do you miss certain information? Please contact our customer service!

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