Create your own labels!

Create your own labels!

Slightly larger labels so you can write exactly what you need to say.

Create your own labels!

AED 52.00
36 labels
2-3 Tage
  • Free shipping on orders over AED150

Colour options

Colour options

Assorted pack: 40 labels in five different colours (5 x 8)

Assorted pack:

Red/Blue/Green pack: 40 labels in three different colours (16 x red, 16 x blue, 8 x green)

Red/Blue/Green pack:

Pink pack: 40 labels in three different colours (16 x dark pink, 16 x light pink, 8 x lavender)

Pink pack:

Clear pack: 40 transparent labels with text in three different colours (16 x black, 16 x white, 8 x dark purple)

Clear pack:

Click here to read our sticker instructions

sticker instructions
  • It’s superfast to create your own, personalised labels. 

    Click on “Design your labels” button above and let your imagination run wild!

  • Please make sure you check your design before you confirm the order (especially spellings!) as we'll print your exact design!


    Tip 1: Centre you text by adding spaces before your words

    Tip 2: Vary your text with different font sizes to give your label a personal touch

    Tip 3: Choose from our wide collection of icons to finish your label off

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