Neatlynamed Iron on clothing labels instructions.

Our IRON ON LABELS stay put washing after washing, if you apply them the correct way, this depends on: the heat of the iron, pressure on the iron and time. Therefore please follow the following instructions carefully!!

  1. Set the iron on high and leave to heat up for about 10 minutes.
  2. Place the label in the desired spot and over it place a sheet of bakingpaper or an ironing cloth (this protects the clothing, especially synthetic materials, from a hot iron).
  3. Iron the labels on during 40 – 60 seconds while you press on the iron (the glue on the labels has to melt). Preferably iron on a hard surface to give more pressure. You can also use the tip of the iron to put on more pressure.
  4. Let the label cooldown and carefully check with your nail if it stays put. If this isn’t so, please repeat step 1-3 and check the heat of your iron.

NOTE: If the corners of the label curl up, you haven’t ironed the labels in correctly, repeat the above steps again.

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